Buying a home is one of the largest purchases you will ever make. Purchasing a home whether you're a first time home buyer or an experienced home owner, can be confusing and frustrating. Relying on a high quality inspector, and agent is a great asset to the process and can ease the pain.

Why Get an Inspection?

A general home inspection is a great start to determine the functionality of the home you are considering.  The general home inspection includes:  roofs, foundations, electrical systems and components, plumbing systems and fixtures, appliances, pools, irrigation systems, septic systems.  The inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of the systems in the home and is given electronically in form of an inspection report.  The inspection generally takes 2-4 hours to conduct depending on the size or age of the home.  You are encouraged to attend the inspection to gain additional information and speak to the inspector directly.  Your questions are important and will be addressed.  At the end of the inspection you will have a greater understanding of the home you are considering for purchase.  Armed with this knowledge you will be better situated to make an informed decision.

The Inspection

InSight Inspections encourages each client to attend the inspection, toward the end of the appointment.  This will allow time for the inspector to review the report directly with you, and answer any questions.  This is your time, you are my client, I want you to have full understanding of the findings and recommendations.  If you cannot attend the inspection, that is also fine.  The inspection report will be emailed to you directly from the inspection site.  After you have reviewed the report we can schedule a phone conversation to further resolve any questions.

In the report there will be photo's and diagrams as well as written details of the concerns or recommendations.  Always feel free to ask the inspector any questions, remember the saying; "There is no such thing as a stupid question".  Armed with the information included in the report and a full understanding of the concerns or recommendations, you can be confident in your decision.